Cindeena, being the newest member of the Massive Vybz family, has already quickly established herself as one of the brightest and most well liked on air personalities we have. Born and raised in Portland, Jamaica, she is also a full-time college student, studying medical administration. One of the nicest people you will ever have the pleasure of coming across, Cindeena is also extremely intelligent, a talented singer, as well as an experienced voice advertiser. The very definition of multi-talented. It is this versatility that so attracted us here at Massive Vybz to Cindeena.

Cindeena is quite well-known around here by now as taking her preparation before she goes on air quite seriously. She always has the same exact pre show routine. She comes and asks for a piece of printing paper, finds herself a seat, and begins writing down and organizing her thoughts along with any topics she plans to discuss, as well as actively seeking out anything more recent and newsworthy that she can add to the mix.

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