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Fatta Diamond, being the very first Massive Vybz DJ to represent Massive Vybz on 93.5FM, he is about as professional as they come, and that professionalism is equally matched by his friendly, easy going personality. What immediately becomes clear about Fatta is that he really loves what he does. You can hear and feel the passion when he’s live on air, and even more so if you have the privilege of seeing him do his thing in person. Ever come across a person you’ve never met before, but somehow can still talk and get along with almost as if you’ve been friends for years? That’s pretty much Fatta in a nutshell.

There is also one other thing we like about Fatta Diamond here at Massive Vybz Studio, he’s got a great sense of humor and is just plain funny as hell. He’s arguably one of the better on air partners here at the studio due to the relative ease with which he can get whoever he’s on air with to relax and get into their comfort zone. Never afraid to push a few buttons and have a little fun with his co-host, there’s one particular moment of note that we wish to share with you all involving Cindeena. Regular listeners might already be aware of where we are heading with this one, but we feel a little refresher is in order regardless. So there we are broadcasting one Saturday night a few weeks ago, the same day Fatta Diamond and Cindeena worked together on air for the first time. Our CEO Massive was elsewhere attending a big cook out in upstate New York. Upon hearing the news of the cookout, Fatta began to hilariously use the airwaves in a valiant effort to pressure the boss into finding a way to get some of that food into the studio from all the way upstate. Both hosts were pretty vocal about how hungry they were, but Fatta, ever observant of what’s happening around him, began taking notice that Cindeena was quite frequently stepping out of the studio for very brief moments at a time. Now Fatta said he was just going to get a cup of water, but we kind of get the feeling he was curious about Cindeena kept going out there to do. What does he discover, but none other than Cindeena with a box of fried chicken. In another situation the hilarity of the moment might have ended there, but Fatta immediately took it to the airwaves, calling Cindeena out in what was, without a doubt, one of the funniest on air moments we’ve had in studio. Cindeena, ever the good sport and eager to make it up to her co-host, was kind enough to buy and share some friend chicken with Fatta the very next week.

It’s never a dull moment when Fatta is in the Studio, that’s for sure.

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