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Candiesha – Boss Chick So Sick

Candiesha is not just an incredibly driven and extremely talented dancer, she is also a young woman of extraordinary intelligence with a, perhaps, even stronger intellectual curiosity on just about all things of any substantive value. Over the course of an initial introduction, and eventually towards the point where you can start to get a more complete picture of just who exactly she is as a person, we consider it fairly safe to assume you would only just be one of many over the years who would come away more than just a little surprised by what you end up learning about this stunning dancehall empress.

This is a crucial point that really can’t be stressed enough. Ever hear that popular quote that you can’t judge a book by its cover? These are most definitely words of wisdom where Candiesha is concerned. Another thing we want to draw attention to, at least before she does so herself (and she absolutely will because she can’t resist being herself), is that hidden not very far behind her usual extreme outward focus, especially in cases where she’s getting ready to perform, is the reality that she’s quite possibly one of the nicest people you can ever hope to meet. And we mean every word of that. She has a genuinely beautiful personality that, as shocking as it might seem, competes with, and potentially even outdoes, her other fantastic qualities.

And what you always enjoy seeing in individuals who have been so blessed to experience the type of success, as well as notoriety, that Candiesha has from a very young age (she won dancehall queen at the age of 16,) is when they somehow still manage to maintain a sense of humility. For every ounce of confidence Candiesha possesses, we feel it is equally balanced by her humble and very inviting nature. How many who have been touring the world since the age of 16 can one say this about? We have any number of fun and interesting things we could tell you about what makes Candiesha such a unique and fun individual, stories we won’t be able to tell right at this very moment, but don’t worry because this is a page that will be continually evolving over time, so we will have plenty more to share all in good time. But one thing we want to make certain to share right away for people who aren’t already aware, is that Candiesha is also an aspiring artist who currently has a new single out. It’s called The Wine, and it’s on the Shanti Riddim. Check it out!


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