Trump White House is extremely afraid of Sally Yates testifying in Congress for some reason…

The Washington Post has a very interesting story on all the behind scenes maneuvering the Trump White House has been doing to clearly prevent former acting Attorney General Sally Yates from testifying in the Russia Investigations ongoing in congress. There could be a few reasons for this.

1 – She can likely prove that the blatantly false claim that Mike Pence only just learned as everyone else in the country was that Michael Flynn lied when he claimed to not have discussed the Obama Administration sanctions with the Russian Ambassador was as untrue as everybody thought it was.

2 – She would be able to provide a very damaging timeline (with paperwork internally that can back it up) of just how dishonest the White House was in their attempts to cover up the fact that Michael Flynn wasn’t telling the truth about his conversation with Russia’s Ambassador.  She would represent one of the most damaging examples yet of just how little the country as a whole should trust the Trump Administration. It’s funny to think about, but she can officially say that she was someone who was apart of the Trump Administration, however brief her tenure may have been, and the optics of that scares Donald Trump and some Republicans. It almost certainly scares the blatantly corrupt Republican Intel Committee Chairman, Devin Nunes, who is busy leading one of the worst attempts at a coverup in American history.

The story can be found at the Washington Post. The evidence of just how dishonest the White House was being today in denying what they were attempting to do is shown here in the letters that came from the Trump Justice Department. Check Out The Letters

It should also be noted that upon it becoming clear Yates had every intention of testifying rather than being muzzled by the White House, Republican Intel Committee Chairman Devin Nunes immediately canceled the hearing the very next day.

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