John Bunn, Wrongfully Convicted for 17 Years, Will Talk To Massive Vybz Radio On Celebrity Saturdays

In one of those seemingly rare cases where you can actually say that justice has been served, the rollercoaster ride has finally come to an end. And as good as this news may be, it still remains largely bitter sweet based on the fact that an innocent man, at a very young age, when his future and life prospects could have gone down any number of very different paths, was wrongfully convicted and had 17 years of his life stolen away in the blink of an eye. Those 17 years are years that he can never get back. So while some kind of celebration, especially from his family, is long overdue, it is still important to use this situation as a very real example of the fact that so much more has to be done to prevent the kinds of circumstances that led to such a travesty occurring in the first place. This is just a few of the things that we will be discussing with John Bunn on Saturday December 3rd, 2016 when he visits the Massive Vybz Studio to discuss his case. He will be on from 8-10PM, where he will be interviewed by our host Diva Madonna.

A touching picture of Mr. Bunn hugging his mother.



After a year of hearings to prove that the “corrupt tactics” of retired Detective Louis Scarcella placed a teen behind bars for 16 years, a Brooklyn judge overturned the conviction Tuesday.

“Given the circumstances surrounding the conviction, with missing biological evidence, inconsistent testimony and bare evidence, this court finds that the newly discovered evidence makes it probable that the result in this case would have been different if a new trial were held,” said Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Shawn’Dya Simpson as she read from her decision to John Bunn.

Bunn, 39, stood in the middle of his attorneys Glenn Garber and Rebecca Freedman clenching their hands as his mother, Maureen, wept in the gallery.

Bunn, then 15, and Rosean Hargrave, then 17, were convicted for August 1991 murder of off-duty correction officer Ronald Neischer and the attempted murder of Robert Crosson.

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