Trumps warns companies against trying to leave the country

Guess you can sorta chalk this one up as a promise kept. He didn’t manage to save every job, and the deal carries potential long term risks should companies see benefit to threatening to send American jobs overseas as a means of extracting a reward on par with, or better than, what Carrier received, while still successfully shifting some jobs overseas anyway… but this does represent President Elect Trump trying his best, and somewhat succeeding, at keeping a promise he made to voters during the campaign. That said, Trump went so far today as to promise consequences for companies that try to take jobs out of the country. He’s so far looking to be the type of President that he was as a candidate, which should certainly make for some interesting moments over the next couple years.

Donald Trump’s victory tour launched early.

The president- and vice president-elect on Thursday claimed the first win of their nascent administration, ostensibly fulfilling a campaign pledge to keep American manufacturing jobs at home.

Hours ahead of their joint rally in Cincinnati — the first stop on the duo’s “thank you” tour across the country — Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence toured the heating and air conditioning company Trump often name-checked on the campaign trail Thursday afternoon.

Carrier, a company that had planned to shutter its Indianapolis plant and move to Mexico, had been a parable of Trump’s protectionist, anti-globalism, America-first stance.

But now that America’s incoming businessman-in-chief has struck a deal, the company could serve as a harbinger among Trump supporters that he can, indeed, bring much-needed change to Washington and make good on his bold pledges.

“We’re gonna have a lot of phone calls made to companies when they say they’re thinking about leaving this country because they’re not leaving this country,” declared Trump, who spoke for roughly 15 minutes between a Carrier-branded lectern and a backdrop on a stage he also shared with an air conditioning unit.

“They’re not gonna leave this country, and the workers are gonna keep their jobs,” he continued “And they can leave from state to state and they can negotiate good deals with the states and all of that, but leaving the country’s gonna be very, very difficult.”

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