Elections In Haiti

Sunday, de facto President Jocelerme Privert at a press conference with Prime Minister Enex Jean Charles, called on the people to keep its serenity and Peace in the country, urging the candidates who were in the competition to respect the rules of the game “[…] The people who will win will win and those who will lose will win through those who win. Because the real people who will win, when the final results will be published, it is not the candidates that is the country, it is the Haitian people.

Because the importance of the elections is not for us the government, it is not for me that is there for a few weeks, it is not for the candidates, it is the victory of the Haitian people.

So I ask all of you to contribute to enable the Haitian people to win this victory, so that once and for all, we would emerge from the political instability that is one of the main factors in which the country is today.

I say to you all, thank you very much.”‘

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