Nicha B – A Massive Blast from the Plast

If you don’t already know exactly who Nicha B is, don’t worry because Massive Entertainment CEO Clayton “Massive” Thomas is looking to change that and bring Nicha B to the U.S., and then to the rest of the world. Nicha B is Saint Kitt’s leading artist right now and is an absolute treasure trove of talent just waiting to be exposed to the world. Massive and Nicha B – so we can let you all in on a little secret – have a little history together. They have worked together before in the past. Massive plans on traveling to Saint Kitts to rekindle that relationship. Massive wants Nicha B to reach the world by successfully securing bookings in the United States and other parts of the world, including tour based events. A lot of exciting things to come. Keep it locked. This is serious.

Check out Nicha B’s song Can’t Wait featureing Benjai.

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