Whose Rum Punch Is Best?

You say Island. I say Rum Punch. Can you picture yourself laying on the a beach of white sands sipping a sweet and tangy rum punch? Tell me, where are you? Are you toe deep in the sands of Montego Bay or are you looking down one of Antigua’s 365 beaches?

Either way, even if you are not able to make a flight to the islands sipping a rum punch generates the nostalgia of sun nourishing your skin on a hot summer day.

Come Join Mangoville And Massive Vybz Radio for Over Flow – The Ultimate Brunch and Day Rave on Sunday, November 13th 2016 at Mangoville Soul Carribean Restaurant and Bar!

Enjoy great food and turn up after with tunes from “The Reggae Don” DJ Norie!

Let The Drinks Overflow!! Buffet Style Brunch With Carribean Cuisine.




* Chicken & Waffles and More 

* Fritters and more 

Free Drinks With Every Ticket! And of Course… RUM PUNCH!!!

To Purchase Tickets Click Here.




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