What’s In The Bottom Of Etana’s Purse?

Behind the scenes of the radio we like to ask our guest artist little unexpected questions! Etana gets personal with us in the Massive Vybz studio and lets us know aside from the international stardom she’s still one of us!


Massive Vybz: What’s your go to hairstyle?

Etana: Afro.


Massive Vybz: What can you always find at the bottom of your purse?

Etana: Oooh A lipstick or lip gloss!…. No particular brand.


Massive Vybz: When in New York what kind of food do you crave?

Etana : Japanese food always. Seaweed salad and salmon. I don’t choose any particular spot, just whatever is close.


Massive Vybz: Do you have a routine before shows?

Etana: I calm my spirit, stay quiet, then I go.


Massive Vybz: What’s the moment that you realized that you made it as artist?

Etana: I never feel like that. I never feel like I have arrived. I do music. That’s it.






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