Top Dancehall DJs Beef On Instagram

Why do we have to take it to the gram? Earlier this week, as I casually scrolled through my time line I couldn’t help but notice the anger in Jabba’s instagram post. Naturally, I did what an instagrammer would do. I stuck to the screen and waited for the tea.

Apparently, Jabba was upset that DJ Norie’s power 105.1 team had a party named Reggae Vs. Soca. Jabba claims his team has had a Reggae Vs. Soca party in Miami for the last 6 years.

Norie’s response? Norie claims that naming his miami party Reggae Vs. Soca was a slight misunderstanding and that posting “subliminals on the gram” wasn’t neccesary.

My question is: Is Reggae Vs. Soca that much of an original name to fight over? If Norie’s team was looking to steal Jabba’s shine couldn’t they use something more cut throat? Hmmm “Norie Strikes Back” has a particular ring to it.

Maybe these two will make up and record a mix tape together or maybe they’ll recruit protegees to give us Popcaan and Mavado type diss tracks. Either way I will have popcorn ready.



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