K’Coneil Gets Personal With Massive Vybz

The ever so charming Jamaican artist K’Coneil stopped by the Massive Vybz camp on Saturday during DJ Norie’s Anything Goes Saturday Night Show! We had to steal him for a moment to pick his brain for an a closer look into the life of K’Coneil.

Massive Vybz –  What records are on repeat right now in your car?

K’ Coneil – Party next door’s ” Only You” and of course  “Feels So Right” – my record all day!


Massive Vybz – What artists would you love to work with dead or alive?

K’Coneil – Jay Z. Jay Z is my favorite artist… business sense, artistry and overall creativity. He makes me want to spend more money than I have.


Massive Vybz – What makes a perfect date?

K’Coneil – When everything flows. No weird moments. You don’t have to work to hard and it’s natural.


Massive Vybz – What moment did it become real for you that you were an artist?

K’Coneil – The first time I got to do Little Ochie Seafood Festival. That was my first Jamaican performance. I was like yo this is serious. I’m flying to Jamaica to see a show


Massive Vybz–  What are three things you don’t leave your house without?

K’Coneil – Watch, Phone, Cologne – Tom Ford.  I went out one night with my cologne and I overheard a female say said ” He smells good I would fuck him.” I was like oh shit. What am I wearing. I gotta wear this everyday!

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Music bridges people around the world. No matter one’s place of birth, economic class or skin color, it all evokes a human feeling and KConeil’s is no different. Born on the beautiful island of Jamaica, KConeil was raised in the village of Granville in Montego Bay. It was there amid family and friends that at an early age he was indoctrinated in music by singing in the church at the urging of his beloved grandmother.


Coming from a musical family, music was embedded in his DNA, but not to be stereotyped, education played a major importance in the young artist life. At the age of 16 he migrated to the United States on a full soccer scholarship where he attained his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. But there was no denying his musical calling, and while in college, KConeil joined up with a group which went on to win a singing contest at the prestigious Madison Square Garden.


After the group was dissolved, KConeil continued to hone his musical craft by writing and voicing for notable producers. His early singles, “GYAL A YOU” and “ME ONE,” have received heavy rotation on various worldwide airwaves, while has allowed him to grace stages alongside some of the biggest name in music.


A vocalist influenced by his reggae roots and the musical melting pot of his urban surroundings in New York City, KConeil sounds admittedly, doesn’t classify by the industry standards. Rather than to be boxed, KConeil created his own lane of sonic perfection, which can only be classified as being “genre fluid,” by comfortably fusing rhythms, genres and sounds from Reggae, Dancehall, R&B and Pop.


“As a blend of Sean Paul and Usher, I see KConeil as the promissory voice of the future. His dancehall flavor mixed with the pop yet edgy appeal is one that makes you want to dig a little deep and hear more” says billboard recording producer Seanizle.


The Seanizle produced lead single, “HOT LIKE YOU” and its accompanying video from KConeil’s soon to be released debut EP is out now.

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