Android 7.0 (Nougat) is officially out!

For now it is only available to those who are fortunate enough to have in their possession a Nexus smartphone or other device in the Nexus range of products.

The newest version of the android mobile phone operating system is here, and it’s bringing with it a range of very exciting features. Some will be more obvious, others will be much less so and are more along the lines of quiet, under the hood type changes. That is no reason, however, to immediately write those less visual features off. One of the more important additions to this version of android is Google’s continued refinement of the impressive battery saving feature, named ‘Doze’, which was introduced in the previous version of the android OS. It is a feature that goes to extreme, yet clever, lengths to make sure as much of your phone’s battery life is maintained and not wasted as possible, and it’s one of the better implementations of this type of feature that we’ve ever witnessed across similar devices. In the previous version, though, your phone would have to be completely still for a period of time, essentially when you set your phone down on a table for a certain period of time and aren’t interacting with it. For most people this will basically amount to cases in which you are asleep. Sounds cool enough, but what about its current iteration? Well, in the newest version of android, this feature now works while you’re on the go! While you’re busy walking around with your phone in your pocket, or as your phone is getting bounced around inside your bag, this feature will be active.

And plenty more fantastic features come with the newest version of Android, such as greatly improved notification information, multi-window multitasking, the update process is faster and more convenient, there are the obvious performance improvements, there are improved features designed to help you use less of your mobile data, and much more. For more extensive details on what this new version of android has to offer, check out this article from the folks over at Android Central.  There’s also a pretty nifty website that google setup in order to give people a more visual look at what the new android offers.  You can check that out here.

For a list of the devices confirmed or expected to receive this new update, you can see that here

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