Massive Vybz Live Show 8-15-2016 Glam Sense Divas

Today was Diva Madonna’s very first show at the new Massive Vybz Studio, and what a great show it was! She was joined by her regular partner in crime, and someone whom we are very happy to welcome into the Massive Vybz family, Ms. Jenny G. These two amazing women were accompanied by none other than Chrissy Monroe, probably best known for appearance on Love and Hip Hop NY, but as you probably found out today is far more than just your average reality TV star. She’s someone who through her own personal battle with domestic violence, serves as a strong and positive inspiration to women from all walks of life by sharing her story of how she felt and what she went through, and what it was like having to deal with the insensitivity that is all too common for women in such circumstances. Of course we are alluding to victim shaming. We also learn some very interesting details about how charitable and caring she is capable of being, and also hear firsthand a bit about how she persevered even when those closest to her didn’t believe in her. There’s much more, so please check out the video. And last but certainly not least, there’s one other person we kind of get the feeling will become a bit of a favorite around here. Joining these three fantastic ladies in the studio today was also the very fun and friendly Exotique Lychee.

The video is below.


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