Want an Xbox One and a 50 inch Smart TV for $500? You need to check out this deal!

Best Buy currently has a pretty awesome deal where you can get an Xbox One (not the newer Xbox One S model – this is the original version of the console) and a 50 inch Sharp Smart TV for just $500. The reason this deal is happening is because the new Xbox One S model is going to become the defacto model of the Xbox One that you will find available for purchase going forward, and so this is an attempt to clear out older inventory, but we know there must be plenty of people who will still appreciate a great deal like this.

Act fast because it probably won’t be there forever. With each possible bundle you can also get a free game. I recommend grabbing the Quantum Break Xbox One bundle. I’ve personally played Quantum Break beginning to end, and I can say without a doubt it is an experience you won’t soon forget. Just an incredible action game with a great story and solid acting performances from its star studded cast. It’s made by the same team that brought us Max Payne, Remedy Entertainment, for all the gamers out there.


Below is a link to some trailers of the game.


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