Clinton VP, Tim Kaine, accuses Trump of history of racism.

The Trump campaign might end up regretting the fact that they failed to send someone from the campaign to represent them at the National Urban League’s presidential plenary today. Democratic Vice Presidential nominee, Tim Kaine, literally hammered Trump over what he views as a history of racism and discrimination against people of color.

“Around the time my father-in-law desegregated Virginia’s schools,” Kaine said, “the Justice Department had filed suit after Donald Trump and his father were refusing to rent apartments to African-Americans. It was one of the largest federal cases of its kind at the time.”

The Trump campaign was reached out to on multiple occasions by Urban League President Marc H. Morial, but it appears they concluded that it was better to decline the invitations altogether.

“The Hillary Clinton campaign accepted our invitation and sent their vice-presidential nominee, Tim Kaine,” Morial said, stressing the organization’s unsuccessful bipartisan entreaties. “The Donald Trump campaign, who we spoke with and corresponded with a number of times, declined our invitation.”

A pretty weird decision considering this is the same Donald Trump who boasted during the Republican Primaries that African Americans would somehow end up liking him even more than President Obama. We aren’t making fun of the man, but it’s what he said himself.
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