Mother of Service Member Booed at Trump/Pence 2016 Rally

As if this 2016 Presidential race couldn’t get anymore bizarre, we’ve now taken a more decidedly sad turn as the mother of a service member was booed by a crowd of Trump supporters simply for taking issue with what she feels is Donald Trump’s repeated and consistent disrespect for members of our armed forces. If we remember, this is the same Donald Trump who cast aside John McCain’s (U.S. Senator of Arizona) service and personal sacrifice to this country by stating he liked people who weren’t captured. Consider what that means. Someone who chooses to serve our country, but who is then captured in defense of our country is somehow not a hero, or at all worthy of the respect of a man hoping to serve as President of the United States and Commander in Chief of the United States Military.

Seems Mr. Trump’s lack of basic decency – and common sense – has been carried over to some of his more ardent supporters. The incident took place at a town hall in Carson City, Nevada. The woman, Catherine Byrne of Carson City, who is the mother of Staff Sgt. Raymond T. Harmon of the U.S. Air Force was peppered with boos after taking Pence to task on Donald Trump’s repeated questionable actions and remarks towards members of the armed forces and their family members. The video below showcases the incident. Pence did his best to defend and provide cover for Trump’s objectionable remarks, but it’s pretty clear to anyone watching that he has no easy task. I suspect there will be absolutely no winning on this particular issue, as there’s no way to reasonably defend what Trump has said about John McCain, or the public feud Trump continues to have with the parents of now deceased Capt. Humayun Khan. It, after all, totally defies common sense, but who are we to tell Mr. Trump how to lose a general election. He seems to have things firmly under control, wouldn’t you agree?

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