UK Nabs Three, Barbados Arrests One In Massive Drug Seizure

LONDON, England, United Kingdom border officials believe they have successfully disrupted an organized crime group after intercepting £3 million (US$3.9 million) of liquid cocaine in a shipment from Barbados.

Three men, including a Barbadian, have been arrested in London, while one has faced the court in Barbados.

The 18 kilos of the narcotic, which had been dyed pink, was hidden inside metal canisters described as oil filters in a shipment to Gatwick Airport last week.  Larrie Chesterfield Thompson, 51, was arrested after police found 1.03 kilos of liquid cocaine in a cupboard when they executed a search warrant at his home.

“We believe this operation has successfully disrupted an organised crime group who thought unaccompanied freight was a low-risk way of moving class A drugs into the UK,” said Steve McIntyre of the NCA’s Border Policing Command. “Our investigation is ongoing, both here and in the Caribbean.”

At least one other man was held in Barbados, according to UK reports.



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