The Grateful side of Maestro Don

Following his fallout with his management team, deejay Maestro Don has released the song Grateful, produced by Kevy B of Kev Star Records.

“The inspiration behind the song Grateful is actually a real-life experience in which a friend and I had differences within an organisation and went separate ways. The split caused animosity and words were thrown my way via media, trying to defame my character, and the word ungrateful was the headline. So, instead of doing social media post and taking it physical, I did what I know to do best, which is music. So I put all my emotions and experience in words on a track and created the song,” Maestro Don told this column.

The Portmore artiste is on a musical high since a standout performance at Sting 2015. Since then, he has done shows including Portmore Jamboree and Portmore Spring Break.

Maestro Don (real name Jason Dunn) recently signed with the New York- based Massive Entertainment.

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