DJ Frass lashes Khago for diss song

DJ Khago


Dancehall artiste Khago has come under fire from producer DJ Frass after he released a controversial single titled ‘Unfollow’, in which he described the producer as dancehall’s ‘water boy’, and claimed the producer was calling his name entertainment circles.

When contacted DJ Frass said Khago is simply trying to revive his career.

“Mi think him a try mek a comeback. But I could have sworn Khago left Jamaica on the farm work programme. I didn’t even know he still did music. You are not relevant Khago. The only time I hear about Khago is when I ship things from abroad. What is Khago? Him never used to have locks and was a black man?” DJ Frass told THE WEEKEND STAR.

The producer said he severed ties with Khago because the artiste was more concerned with the business of other entertainers instead of focusing on his own talent.

“I stop voice him because every time mi voice him, a just next artiste him a chat bout. To how Khago love chat, him all talk seh him teach Jordan (Chimney Records) fi use computer. Now tell mi how Khago fi teach a man weh guh Campion College fi use computer? Khago not even complete basic school. Yuh nuh see seh a dunce?,” he said.

Holding no punches back, DJ Frass also told THE WEEKEND STAR that it made no sense to follow Khago on social media.

“Him seh him block mi, but how yuh fi block somebody on social media weh never did a follow yuh in the first place?” he said, laughing.

Khago, however, explained that Unfollow is a humorous song and was not intended to cause problems.

“It wasn’t to cause problems, but to make people look into themselves. When people overseas see how we live with each other dem shame and don’t want to work with us. It takes nothing to like somebody’s post on social media, but dem people think it hard to support a next man thing even if it is to click a like button” he said.

Addressing DJ Frass, Khago believes the producer severed ties with him due to industry politics.

“Mi and DJ Frass nuh have nuh issue and yuh can unfollow mi, but yuh can’t unbuss mi. The artiste dem who get the most fight always end up last the longest. Look pan Vybz Kartel and Peter Tosh. Mi done get nominated for MOBA Award already and a Grammy next,” he said.

Meanwhile, Khago recently did Hey Yah Hey that was produced by Kurt Riley. DJ Frass, in the meantime, is promoting a new rhythm titled the ‘All Inclusive’.

DJ Frass


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