Haitian nabbed in suspected guns-for-drugs bust in Jamaica

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KINGSTON, Jamaica – Jamaica’s Marine Police are reporting a massive ganja seizure which they say has dealt another blow to the guns-for-drugs trade between Jamaica and Haiti.

Over the weekend they seized approximately 650 pounds of ganja in the south eastern parish of St. Catherine, that would have fetched just under J$4 million (US$32,630) on the streets of Haiti if the shipment had reached there.

Reports indicate that the team was patrolling the Pelican Cay area on Saturday when they observed three 15-gallon bottles of fuel ashore. This aroused the suspicion of the lawmen, leading them to search the surrounding area. They found the ganja in plastic bags and arrested three men, including a Haitian national, in connection with the seizure.

Investigators believed the drugs were being prepared for pick-up and suspected that a vessel to take the ganja to Haiti may have been nearby.

Assistance was sought from the Jamaica Defence Force Coast Guard to search further offshore, and initially, nothing was found.

However, a few hours later, a 28-foot fishing boat suspected to be the pick-up vessel was seized at the Port Henderson Fishing Village in St. Catherine.

Officer in charge of the Division, Superintendent Carl Ferguson, commended the two teams that were responsible for the seizures.

“The Marine Police are extremely cognizant of the impact that the guns-for-drugs trade has on Jamaica and Jamaican lives. The actions the teams took on Saturday are indicative of our dedication to doing our part to eradicate this illicit trade once and for all,” he said.


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