OAS pays tribute to Antigua-Barbuda ambassador’s Permanent Council presidency


The Organization of American States (OAS) on Monday paid tribute to Antigua and Barbuda’s ambassador, Sir Ronald Sanders, for his successful presidency of the Permanent Council, the governing body of the organization.

In praising Sanders’ stewardship of the Council, the current chairman, Argentina’s ambassador, Juan Jose Acuri, speaking in the presence of high representatives of all 34 member states, said: “Ambassador Sanders successfully led the activities of the Council in the past three months. During that period, the Authority held 14 meetings to discuss various issues, including the financial situation of the Organization, the strategic vision, the modernization of management of the Secretariat and adoption of the program budget end of the organization for the second year the biennium 2015-2016.”

Sanders had made the financial circumstances of the OAS and its future a theme of his presidency.

The OAS Council also recalled the pivotal role Sanders played in helping to mediate a solution to a political and constitutional stalemate in Haiti in early February that threatened civil strife and instability. The chair of the Council declared that, as the head of a special OAS mission to Haiti, Sanders “contributed to key negotiations conducted between the various Haitian political actors to achieve a solution to the crisis”.

In presenting Sanders with a plaque, commemorating his presidency, the Argentine ambassador declared: “Ambassador, your diplomatic skills and professionalism are recognized in this room and were clearly demonstrated during your tenure in the presidency of the Council.”

Responding briefly, the Antigua and Barbuda ambassador called for the Permanent Council to re-orient itself to its essential role as a governing body of the organization and to restore its importance in guiding and managing the affairs of the OAS.

Sanders said, “This is vital, if the organization is to deliver on its obligations to the people of its member states.”

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