3 Year old girl stung by scorpion

Trinidad and Tobago– A THREE-YEAR-OLD Belmont girl remains warded in serious but stable condition at the Wendy Fitzwilliams Paediatric Hospital Ward of the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex (EWMSC) after being stung by a scorpion at a relative’s home in Maraval on Tuesday afternoon. Nicola Dyer was being treated symptomatically for intense vomiting and other ailments associated with the sting.

Anxious relatives were told there is no scorpion anti-venom to treat little Nicola and therefore medication is being administered to treat reactions to the venom such as acute vomiting.

Nicola’s mother Annie Arietas remained at her bedside all of Tuesday monitoring her condition.

Yesterday, doctors said the child’s condition has improved but she is still in a serious condition as her little body continues to fight the effects of the venom.

Arietas said that Tuesday there was a power outage at her Belmont home so she decided to take the child to Maraval to spend the day with relatives.

She said Nicola began to cry and when she checked on her, the mother noticed the child’s right eye beginning to swell and appear blood red in colour. When another relative removed a sheet on the ground, where Niocola was playing, they found a scorpion in the sheet. The arachnid was placed in a bottle.

Nicola was taken to the Maraval Health Centre where her mother was told there was no doctor or ambulance available.

They were told to go elsewhere but luckily, a security officer was able to make contact with someone at Port-of-Spain General Hospital and an ambulance was sent to the Maraval Health Centre for little Nicola.

While at the hospital, doctors advised she be taken to the EW MSC in Mt Hope and placed at the Intensive Care Unit.

Yesterday, Arietas said she was told that Sangre Grande Hospital was contacted but doctors there said there was never any scorpion anti-venom, only anti-venom for the four known poisonous snake species in this country.

However, Arietas said she was grateful for the round-the-clock treatment her daughter received from doctors and nurses at the EW MSC, special attention she feels, went a long way in stabilising Nicola’s condition and possibly saving her life.

“I am happy and very relieved that my daughter is alive and recuperating. The doctors and nurses have been doing their best in treating with her,” Arietas said.

Chairman of the Eastern Regional Health Authority (ERHA) Dr Rameshwar Maharaj told Newsday as far as he is aware Trinidad and Tobago has never been in receipt of any antidote for scorpion stings.

Only two species of scorpions can inflict stings which result in death to humans, the Israeli deathstalker (Leiurus quinquestriatus) and the Brazilian yellow scorpion (Tityus serrulatus). Antivenom exists for both species’ stings.

In February 2013, two-year-old Faith Henry was fatally stung by a scorpion at her Chatham Village home. On Thursday January 26, 2012, three-year-old Israel Brown died at the San Fernando General Hospital, a day after he was stung by a black scorpion.

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