Used cars for police will save money, minister insists


MINISTER of National Security Robert Montague last week defended his decision to use funds in the next budget earmarked for the purchase of new motor vehicles for the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) to buy used vehicles.

However, People’s National Party spokesperson on national security Peter Bunting has cautioned against the plan, arguing that “police vehicles are used intensively and a second-hand vehicle may not stand up for a long time”.

But Montague, speaking at a town hall meeting at the St Gabriel’s Anglican Church in May Pen, Clarendon, last week insisted that getting more for less would prove beneficial to the JCF and the country by extension.

“Recently I asked the permanent secretary to look at a situation where we can provide more cars for the police and some people ready fi beat me because I said we must use the little money we have to buy some used cars. It’s not going to solve the problem for the long term but it will solve the problem for the short term,” Montague said, adding that the country is cash-strapped.

“If we can get three or four cars for the price of one, don’t that mean we will have rather than one car the commissioner selling tomorrow he could have been selling four. So rather than one station get a car, four would have gotten,” he theorised.

Equally, the security minister said in addition to buying used cars, up to 15 or 20 percent of used car parts will be purchased as well.

“If you have one pair of shoes you wear it go everywhere, it going mash up quick. But if you have two pairs it will last you little longer because you wear one today and one tomorrow. So if the police station only has one car it nuh must mash up quick?

“… My plan is to use the little money, purchase more cars so hopefully every station can get two vehicles,” said Montague.

“We are a poor country, we must acknowledge it. We must understand it; it is nothing to be ashamed of…we have to sometimes turn your hand and make fashion until better come,” he added.

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