NOC President commends SKNFA on latest Ranking

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BASSETERRE, St. Kitts – WITH the national football team’s ascension to its highest ranking to date, 92nd on the FIFA Coca Cola Ratings, the St. Kitts-Nevis Football Association (SKNFA) was highly praised by the National Olympic Committee (NOC) for this achievement.
President of the NOC Alphonso Bridgewater commended the executive body of the SKNFA for the continued contributions and support they have given to the team.
“The results on the field don’t only come from the players on the field. I want to congratulate the executives of the National Football Association, the SKNFA, for their vision, their steadfastness and for discipline. Whenever we talk about discipline in St. Kitts and Nevis, we talk about discipline about being rude. I am talking about discipline in sticking towards vision even when the odds were against you.”
Bridgewater was at the time addressing the media at a recent press conference held by the SKNFA to inform about the rise in the rankings.
The Association was also applauded by President Bridgewater for sticking to its budget while remaining accountable.
According to Bridgewater, the football body has great discipline and steadfastness while sticking to itsr vision.
The national team, the Sugar Boys, was one of several teams  that made a leap up the latest rankings.
According to FIFA’s numbers, the team jump 29 spots from its previous ranking of 121.
To this end, sentiments were echoed that the team showed great character in its on-field play, which Bridgewater noted should be commended. He called on the SKNFA and the team to celebrate the achievement in the way they think is best suited.
He however reminded that the job is not yet done and, as such, a challenge was throw out to the team to rise even further up the rankings.
“I hope the next time we have an event like this I hope we would be no lower than the position of 19th in the entire Americas. That is what I would like to speak about when we are having such forums.”
Commendations were also extended to the men and women who volunteered their service to the sport locally.

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