Ruling In Appleton Injunction Case Again Pushed Back

J. Wray & Nephew Limited, which owns the Appleton Sugar Estates in St Elizabeth, says it is holding discussions with industry stakeholders and the Government on how best to alleviate the challenges being faced by cane farmers.

The company says the decision comes in light of another delay in the ruling from the Court of Appeal on its application to get an injunction against Appleton lifted. The court had reserved judgment to March 18, but it was pushed back to yesterday.

The ruling was again postponed to Friday, April 8. In a statement, this morning J. Wray & Nephew said it acknowledges the concerns of its employees about the continued closure of the sugar factory.

It also sought to assure that the company will continue to retain its workers.

It also stressed that the injunction will continue to have a negative impact on the sugar industry.

Operations at Appleton have been on hold since January after fish producer, Algix Jamaica Limited, obtained an injunction in the Supreme Court against the company as part of a lawsuit filed against J. Wray & Nephew.

Algix has argued that effluent from Appleton Estates was entering its fish farm affecting its business and as a result it wants compensation from J. Wray & Nephew.

J. Wray & Nephew denies the allegations.

According to the company, Algix has upped the amount of money it is seeking in compensation.

J. Wray & Nephew says the company is now asking for US$49.5 million, up from US$23 million.

It says it will put up a vigorous defence when the matter comes up for trial in September.

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