Portia wants JPS to give discount to seniors

MEMBER of Parliament for South West St Andrew Portia Simpson Miller last Thursday pleaded with the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) to implement a discounted energy plan for senior citizens.

Simpson Miller, who presented the main address at a JPS Career Expo held at Caribbean Palms community centre, said that she understood the plight of senior citizens, especially those who no longer earn an income, people who get by no little or no savings, are handicapped by varying and expensive medical complaints, and even those who are dependent on their struggling children and caregivers who try to ensure the comfort of their elders.

“I am aware that every year the company incurs millions of dollars in losses, but I have recognised that our senior citizens are struggling to produce the funds to make the necessary payments on their electricity bills monthly,” Simpson Miller said.
“I am going to beg the JPS to see how they can work out a reasonable rate for our senior citizens. I am not making the appeal for senior citizens in South West St Andrew alone, but for every senior citizen across the country. A number of them have to depend on their children, many of whom are already financially burdened, to survive,” Simpson Miller added.
Simpson Miller, leader of the Opposition People’s National Party, said that she was aware that there are a number of things that JPS will have to follow but she hoped they would be able to render some assistance to the vulnerable senior citizens group.

“I hope [too] that you (JPS) could consider how you could work into your plans a way that you could help an old man already struggling to buy food and medication or that crippled man or woman that you are able to give a [special] rate so that these senior citizens, their children or those people who assist them with their bills would not have it so hard finding the funds,” Simpson Miller said.

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