Improvements Coming For May Pen Cemetery


The Local Government and Community Development Ministry is looking to make changes to how burials are done at the May Pen Cemetery in Kingston.

Portfolio Minister, Desmond McKenzie, says the objective is to better utilise the remaining space at the approximately 200-acre property, which is owned and operated by the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation (KSAC).

He was speaking with journalists during a recent tour of the cemetery, which is slated to be renovated.

Noting that approximately 130 acres of the cemetery have been utilised so far, McKenzie contended that there was enough land to facilitate additional burials over a significant period of time.

He says the issue is ad hoc burials in the past which have limited access to the cemetery as some graves are located in the middle of access roads.

McKenzie says a special committee, which is spearheading the development plans for the proposed renovation, is exploring how future burials can be done in a more orderly manner.

He has disclosed that an option being contemplated is restricting the erection of elaborate head and tombstones and mausoleums.

He says the authorities may also resort to so-called straight burials, which would entail double plots, which can accommodate two caskets either positioned side by side or one on top of the other.

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