Alkaline disses Kartel and Popcaan?

Controversial dancehall artiste Alkaline recently released a new single ‘City’ from his soon to be released EP “New Level Unlocked” produced by DJ Frass, and already tongues have been wagging.

In the thought-provoking track, Alkaline real name Earlan Bartley, seemingly takes subliminal jabs at two other heavyweights, Vybz Kartel and Popcaan as he takes pleasure singing, “A me a lock di city.”

On the track Alkaline deejays that others talk about him everyday and he does not remember some of them, while adding that if they were hot they would not be where they are.

The artiste also alleges he doesn’t do interviews, he sings, “The answer to everything deh pan mi left hand.”

Another excerpt form the single, “Everybody vex ova weh mi never say, dem say mi need fi show respect to the dead…Mi nuh understand weh some other man a medz but mi jus couldn’t put nuh bubbles ina mi head”, has people talking up that he is making reference to the Gaza Boss and the Unruly boss, respectively.

Alkaline’s album will be available March 25.

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