Guyana – Hill Foot farmer found murdered at home

Soesdyke (1)

FARMER Anthony Breedy was yesterday found dead in the lower flat of his Lot 76-78 Hill Foot, Soesdyke/Linden Highway home on the East Bank of Demerara at approximately 11:00 hrs. His body was found lying face-down, with his hands and feet bound.The Guyana Police Force said in a statement that the body of the 60-year-old farmer was discovered with multiple injuries to his head. The upper flat of his two-storey home was ransacked, the investigators also disclosed.

The scene of the crime

Breedy was the lone occupant of the house at the time of the incident. However, the gruesome discovery was made by a friend, who had gone to the Hill Foot residence to check-up on him. He was last seen by residents on Saturday night.

Breedy had previously worked as an Agriculture Officer in Montserrat. He reportedly returned to Guyana last year and had since spent most of his time farming in the vicinity of the Soesdyke Highway.

The Guyana Chronicle understands that evidence seems to suggest that there was a struggle, as broken blocks and splashes of blood were visible at the scene of the crime. Notably, pieces of wood that may have been used to bludgeon the victim were also visible in the lower flat of the house.

Residents said that they did not hear any strange sounds coming from the man’s house from the time he was last seen to the time of the discovery. Assistant Police Commissioner Clifton Hicken in an interview told this newspaper that the house was not ransacked to any extent, which suggests that the man might have been murdered by someone he had known. He said investigators are presently trying to ascertain the motive for the crime.

It was also pointed out that the farmer’s SUV is missing.

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