St.Kitts – Mobile Command Unit deployment yielding rewards says ACP James

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts – IN recent times, the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force has been deploying its Mobile Command Unit to “hotspots” around the island as part of its renewed effort to drive the incidence of violent crime downward.

These areas include Shadwell and the F. T. Williams Highway, and individuals who have spoken with SKNVibes about the initiative have applauded the Police Force for increased use of its asset and increased visibility.

Assistant Commissioner of Police with responsibility for Operations Terrance James, in an interview with SKNVibes, said deployment of the Mobile Command Unit has been reaping rewards specifically in the area of public confidence in the police and increasing the public/police bond.

“We have increased the use of the Mobile Command Unit. It has been deployed in several of the hotspot areas in more recent times and officers have been deployed in the community from the Mobile Unit, so it acts as a police station. And so as it relates to the police visibility in the communities, the public has really appreciated that and we have had persons come in and speak with the officers and feel appreciative that the police are showing more of a presence in the various communities.”

Press releases emanating from the Police Force’s public relations machinery indicate that a number of guns, ammunition and even illicit drugs have been found over the past weeks and according to James, the deployment of the Unit has played a major role in some of these finds.

“The public has begun to feel more confidence in police now and I dare say that they have even begun to feel a little more trust in the police, and seeing that we are putting our money where our mouth is… we are not just talking but we are showing that public that we are here out in the public and they are coming forward in giving us information at this time. We think that our new initiatives have been reaping some rewards and some benefits.

Concerns have been made through this media house that once the crime situation gets under control, deployment of the Mobile Command Unit as well as the other initiatives would be relaxed which could result in a spike in incidences of crime.

James assured however, that the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force would do whatever it needs to do to keep the residents of and visitors to St. Kitts Nevis safe and keep crime at a minimum.

“As you are aware, we are a new High Command, we are in place for less than a month and so this is one of our new initiatives that we have undertaken to deploy the Mobile Unit more consistently and…for sure, we will be using it more regularly and more consistently in the months and the years to come. Because it’s an asset that we now have and we definitely would be utilizing it more.”

ACP James offered thanks to members of the public for the assistance they have provided thus far and the support they have shown.

“We want to thank the public for coming forward because we are here to partner with them. We cannot fight crime alone and we have to work with the public and thank them for coming forward and giving us the information so that we can solve the crime and work better with the community.”

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