Open letter to President Obama from Marcel Duret Former Haitian Ambassador in Japan

Dear President Obama,

I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart for having reopened diplomatic relations with Cuba. It is certainly one of the most important legacies of your presidency.

I am the former Haitian Ambassador in Japan (1991-2003) and I have been a fan of yours for quite some time, although I did question at times your reluctance to take risk, namely about the Cuban issue. It turned out that you were meticulously and tactically planning your move. Well! I was so happy that you could prove me wrong. Thank you so much on behalf of the Cuban people and more importantly on behalf of world peace.

I am addressing you today about my beloved country: Haiti. Indeed for me it is inconceivable that the First Black President of the United States would have spent 2 mandates as such and has not made a point to visit the First Freed Black Republic in the world. I guess you do not know how much you are loved here Mr. President. The Haitian people equate your name to everything that is grandiose, beautiful and positive. Allow me to illustrate: in 2008 President Preval, with money from the Haitian Treasury, introduced modern busses as public transportation for the average people. Since it coincided with your enthronization, until today they are named OBAMA.

Mr. President,
When I learned about your imminent visit in Cuba on March 21-22, I thought right away that it would be now or never that you would touch base with those who fought and won for the first time the battle for the end of slavery in the world. Mr. President, Toussaint Louverture, Jean Jacques Dessalines etc. would be proud to welcome you along with your black brothers and sisters who have long too long for this historic moment.

Mr. President,
Please do your utmost best to make the short trip from Cuba to Haiti while embalming the hearts and minds of over 10 million people with joy and happiness.
With my utmost sincere regards,

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