Guyana – Board of Inquiry to investigate corruption claims against CANU

Following damning allegations against the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) by self-confessed drug lord, Barry Dataram, the APNU+AFC government has announced the establishment of a Board of Inquiry to investigate the claims.
This is according to President David Granger, who told reporters on Wednesday that the matter came up on Tuesday during the meeting of the National Security Committee where it was decided that a Board of Inquiry will be convened. The Head of State noted that the Head of that Inquiry will be named shortly.
“That inquiry will determine the veracity of information which was published in the newspaper. The person will be given terms of reference to investigate the allegations which are being reported in the press, concerning the alleged improper behavior of officers of the State,” the President said.
When questioned what would happen if anyone is found culpable, the President said, “We will deal with the culpable in a way that we always deal with the culpable. We expect due process….we expect that the person after proper investigation is put before the courts….we are not prosecuting anybody but we just want to know the facts.”
Head of CANU, James Singh has already refuted the allegations levelled by Dataram, while urging citizens “to stand up, speak out, to have the tenacity to testify against the elements of the narcotic trade; and help the Unit make Guyana a safer place.”
Dataram, in an interview on HGPTV Channel 67’s Nightly News had said, “CANU, them is the most corrupted, rogue security force in this country. They are the biggest drug dealer this country has. The same drug that they seize, half of it goes back on the street.”
Dataram reportedly said that he decided to go public with this information after CANU officers conducted a raid on his nephew’s house and removed $13 million; however they are only able to account for $10 million.

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