Dancehall artiste Tanto Blacks says people are helping to make him rich

“Wah day Chris Gayle gimme a money and me look pon me yutes dem and say, ‘u see dah money yah, weh Chris Gayle gimme, me not even a tek a dime out deh, oonu use dis and shop.’ Me haffi respect Chris Gayle fi dat,” said Tanto Blacks. Though he did not emerge the Magnum King of dancehall when he entered the competition in 2009, he is winning at life. The comical entertainer says that people are helping him to make his ‘real rich’ dream a reality.

Tanto Blacks was speaking to selector and host Richie Feelings on Demarco’s online reality series, Talk Yuh Mind, Volume 23. “Some elders up a Mojito Mondays, who nuh give me a 30 grand, give me 20 grand. Dem say ‘yes yute, yuh a come from nothing and you come and a say, real rich. Dem jus gimme money,” he said. For Tanto sometimes it is quite puzzling for him because naturally it should be working the other way around. After all, he is the one professing wealth.

“Memba a rich me say enuh, a no dem fi a gimme a me dem fi come fi a beg enuh,” he said. “A woman see me and give me fifty grand wah day yah. She stop and say, ‘Real Rich, wah’pn me glad fi yuh enuh, memba wen me used to pass you inna yuh likkle ole Volvo enuh'”, he explained. “She say ‘come inna me van.’ Memba a Benz me drive enuh and a me say real rich and she say help yuhself and she go inna har package and gimme (money), the artiste explained. “People dem see say me a come from nothing and di ting a grow, it a happen fi real so dem a help me fi rich. Dem a mek me stay rich,” he said. But while many may think that Tanto Blacks is all about gimmicks he is very prudent where money and music are concerned. “If me get 30, me bank 15 and spend a next 15 buy up some CD…(for promotion). A dat me haffi do enuh, me haffi know how me spend these money cause a God mek all these things a happen,” Tanto said.

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