Love and Hip Hop’s Masika Sends A Message To Female Haters After Pregnancy Announcement


Yesterday Fetty Wap and Masika had a heated text exchange where the New Jersey rapper questioned Masika’s intentions and allegedly told her that he has no plans to be an active father in the child’s life.

Masika responded that she believes that the abortion of a pregnancy is akin to murder, to which Mr. Wap allegedly replied with this sarcastic quip: “You obviously don’t believe in condoms either.”

Sources close to the situation say Masika claims that she took her birth control pill, but for whatever reason, it didn’t work.

Apparently that didn’t sit well with her alleged baby daddy: “I ain’t comin round helping yu none of that I’m lettin yu no now.”

Masika recently posted a message to female fans who have dragged her to hell for totin’ a gut fulla Fetty:






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